VTech Communications, Beaverton, Ore. What’s VTech, you ask? You likely own a VTech product. They’re the market leader in toys, baby monitors, consumer electronics and business communications devices.

Marketing Editor & Writer
October 2015–present

  • Manage Business Phone Solutions lead generation/content marketing program using HubSpot platform.

    • Manage and curate business phones blog to educate customers and increases lead conversions. See the blog here.

    • New product launch (color screen deskset) email nurturing campaign contributed to new orders/sales increase. Example here.

    • 2018 Channel Partners tradeshow campaign generated in-person meetings, new customers.

  • Manage Business Phone Solutions social media marketing program (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to support product launches, tradeshows and events.

  • Support Consumer Phones, Baby Care and Business Division product launches with content marketing collateral (banner ads, infographics, case studies, product brochures, video scripts, etc.) to pull customers through buying funnel, ultimately driving brand awareness, conversion and sales. Distribute content via social channels.

  • Generated $4 million in all-category attributable sales in FY2017 by managing and developing consumer rich product content for WebCollage retail conversion platform.

  • Crafted and executed baby care Q42017 Amazon Network and Kindle banner ad campaign that generated 17.6 million impressions, one of most successful VTech campaigns.

Rolling Fork Spirits, Radcliff, Ky. Spirits, huh? Yes. Rolling Fork Spirits brings interesting rums from around the world to Kentucky, and then ages them in fancy port and bourbon barrels. They’ve recently launched Fortuitous Union, an accidental blend of rum and rye whiskey.

Director of Marketing
January 2017–present

  • Supported the launch of craft spirits brands Fortuitous Union and Rolling Fork Rum with public relations management, content and website design.

  • Generated 8 national and regional news articles (including the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Reader) on the Fortuitous Union story. See them here.

Lantech LLC, Louisville, Ky. Lantech, who? Lantech designs and manufactures machines that apply stretch film to pallet loads of product (think toilet paper, beer cans and dog food) to protect them during transit to customers.

Marketing Specialist
August 2013–May 2015

  • Generated incremental sales of $3.1 million by creating a product promotional campaign to educate distributor sales representatives on the benefits of new technology.

    • Researched the current landscape by conducting end-user field interviews, visiting customers and interviewing transportation companies and government agencies.

    • Crafted series of email nuggets with real-life customer stories, sales tips and CTAs to open the next email.

    • Created easy-to-digest infographics, promotional videos and editorial copy to distribute via social channels.

    • Developed internet-based sales training programs for regional sales managers. (Shot and edited original videos, created ROI and cost-savings charts, PowerPoint presentations and step-by-step presenters’ guides.)

  • Generated $2 million in annual incremental sales of Lantech’s most popular stretch wrapper model by serving as key member of inbound content marketing team.

    • Developed lead conversion content marketing program using HubSpot marketing platform tools.

    • Attracted and converted identified persona by writing original eBooks, blog articles, case studies, infographics, product videos and lead nurturing emails. Content distributed via social channels.

    • Created, edited and published the Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide eBook; social distribution converted 170 visitors to qualified leads within 60 days of publication.

Freelance work for national and regional publications

Vancouver Business Journal, Vancouver, Wa.
Vancouver-based business news magazine

Business First of Louisville, Louisville Ky.
Louisville-based business news magazine

Costco Connection, Kirkland, Wa.
National publication distributed to Costco customers

Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati
Cincinnati-based travel and culture publication

Louisville Magazine, Louisville, Ky.
Louisville-based lifestyle magazine

Other positions

PriceWeber Marketing, Louisville, Ky.
Marketing Media and Research Coordinator

ST Media Group, Cincinnati
Assistant Editor


Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
December 2010
Master of Science in journalism

Murray State University, Murray, Ky.
May 2009
Bachelor of Arts in English and creative writing